• 3PS Grassroots / Coalition Building

Grow your influence, not your marketing budget. 3PS can help you build support for your cause or project through grassroots efforts. The key to a good coalition or grassroots effort is planning, organization, and consistent communication.

3PS has developed a network of relationships throughout West Virginia that is second to none. We also have over a decade of experience in campaigns, education efforts, fundraising campaigns, and policy development. Together, our relationships and experience give us an edge in building the strategy and structure you need.

Do you need to…

  • Identify and recruit community leaders for your issue
  • Grow your sphere of influence through a coalition of like-minded people or groups
  • Coordinate communications and outreach strategies among trade associations or business groups
  • Build a team of field volunteers or develop organizational structures
  • Organize legislation-specific grassroots lobbying campaign
  • Test public opinion for policy issues
  • Activate constituents to participate in public hearings or rallies

3PS is here to help with the tools to make it happen.

Our Other Services

Three Point Strategies (3PS) is a Charleston, W.Va. based government affairs and public relations firm specializing in state and local government relations.