This week at the West Virginia Legislature is commonly referred to as “crossover week.”  As a West Virginia lobbyist this particular week is stressful and high-paced.  Why?

Due to its design, the Legislature requires that all bills be passed out of their assigned committee by a certain date, and that all bills pass their original chamber (House or Senate) reference by a certain date as well.  This year, those dates are March 26 and March 29th respectively.  Further, once the bills are passed out of their assigned committee they must be read on three separate days before being voted on by the full chamber.  If a piece of legislation doesn’t meet these constitutional benchmarks then it dies and cannot become law.

This begs the question: “does the legislative process hinder good ideas?  The answer: in some cases maybe.  But in the long-run I would argue no.

During a committee hearing recently a State Senator commented about a particular piece of legislation, “I am very impressed with the flexibility of this legislation.  At each step of the process we’ve been able to address concerns and make it better.”  That’s the intent of the legislative process.  The system of legislation is built to be difficult.

If an idea is worth making law then it should stand the test of a rigorous legislative process.

As a West Virginia government affairs firm it is our job to understand the process and help our clients navigate the complex system.  As a West Virginia lobbyist is my job to listen to lawmakers and understand their ideas, concerns, and questions to help facilitate the movement of legislation.  That’s what we do at Three Point Strategies.

This week will be busy for all involved in the Legislature.  But it is meant to test the merit of an idea before it becomes law.  Although not perfect, it still is the best system of government in the world.

Three Point Strategies, LLC is a Charleston, West Virginia based government affairs and public relations firm.  Three Point Strategies represents clients from various industries including: energy, telecommunications, education, technology, economic development, insurance, and child welfare.  As a West Virginia lobbyist, Ben Beakes (managing member), has guided his clients to several successes using his three point strategy to government affairs and public relations.