One year ago today we launched Three Point Strategies, LLC.  It has been a rewarding year.

We began with one client and now serve multiple clients in many different industries including: energy, telecommunications, education, technology, insurance, and general business issues.  Thank you to our clients who chose Three Point Strategies for your government affairs and public relations needs.

As I reflect on the year I revisited my blog post from my launch:

On September 1, 2015 I launched my new company, Three Point Strategies, LLC, or 3PS for short.  The question many have asked me is, “Why in the world would you leave a great job with a wonderful company to start your own business?”

Every state has challenges, including West Virginia.  But each state also has potential – and I see great potential for our people.  Yes, we face significant challenges.  My wife and I see those challenges in struggling families whose children go to our kids’ school.  I see challenges in the coal fields as our federal government continues its onslaught of adverse regulations.  I see challenges in the value we West Virginians place on our own state.

I want to do my part to help our state see her full potential.  Three Point Strategies is a government affairs and public relations firm with the mission to serve clients through advocacy and policy development that will promote a job-friendly environment and prosperity in West Virginia.  I know that sounds lofty, but that’s what I can do to help West Virginia realize a new day in our history.

Our charge has not changed – if anything, our mission is more focused today than it was a year ago.

Today we are thankful.  Happy Anniversary Three Point Strategies!  Here’s to many more years to come.